Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Major Rapper Yeat Announces That His Tour Will Kick Off in Tech Bathroom 

With auto-tuned vocals and SoundCloud-inspired beats, professional rapper Yeat has gained recognition amongst A-list artists and pimply teenagers alike! In mid-2021, two of Yeat’s songs “Sorry Bout That” and “Money Twerk” went viral on TikTok, their meaningful lyrics and subtle wit empowering young people across the FYP. There were rumors that Yeat was going to perform at the Tech rally, but these plans fell through when admin decided to disperse the money and hire a DJ for each grade instead. Tech is known for its school spirit, so this seemed like a logical choice. 

Yeat began to attract more attention from artists such as The Weeknd and Drake, and the speculations of his upcoming world tour were verified when Yeat announced the start of his “Tonka” tour. While users on Reddit and Twitter spent their time guessing the locations of the performances and the setlist, on April 1st, Yeat tweeted a screen recording of a “bathroom concert” held at Oakland Technical High School in Oakland, California during the student’s fourth period with the caption ##töuring4LfiRRstSTöp>>ÖaklandTECH#kingtonka. 

The Scribble journalism team secured an interview with Mr. Fairly to discuss his willingness to allow Yeat to perform at our school. “It was simple, really,” says the principal, “I knew that getting Yeat to come to Tech was exactly the kind of action students have been demanding. Better support for sexual assault victims, no more school closures – no, no – those things are trivial. Yeat is what the students really want.” 

We have yet to see what Yeat brings to the (cafeteria) table, but until then, #Twizzy4L.