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Roxie ROCKS Oakland Tech: OakTech Rep Presents CHICAGO

This spring, Oakland Tech’s production team is bringing musicals back to Oakland Tech. It has been over 20 years since Oakland Tech has put on a musical, and it’s going to be a murderous and flashy one. If you’re into drama, jazz, and a dash of courtroom intrigue, Chicago the musical is a must-see. The story takes us back to the jazz-infused streets of 1920s Chicago in Cook County where murder and fame dance hand in hand. 

The story follows Roxie Hart, portrayed by Savanna Sanford ‘25, and Harper Carlson ‘25, a young woman with lofty dreams of stardom. Her life spirals into chaos when she lands in jail for murder. In prison, she meets Velma Kelly, played by Aviva Powers ‘24 and Vaughn Easterday ‘25, a vaudeville sensation embroiled in her own scandal. Both women compete for the spotlight and the services of Chicago’s slickest criminal lawyer, Billy Flynn, brought to life by Lathel Douglas ‘27 and Larskpur Vance ‘25. Flynn is a master of manipulation, turning his clients into celebrities to win the public’s hearts and, more importantly, their freedom. 

Chicago brilliantly satirizes the idea of the “celebrity criminal” and the American justice system, where fame can outweigh the truth. Songs like “All That Jazz” and “Cell Block Tango” are not only fun and catchy to watch but they also advance the narrative, providing insight into the characters’ ambitions and the era’s social dynamics. The choreography, inspired by the legendary Bob Fosse, combines sensuality and precision to create unforgettable scenes you won’t want to miss. The musical’s success isn’t just in its dazzling numbers but also in its sharp critique of how media sensationalism can shape public opinion and the justice process.

Chicago offers a captivating look at fame and justice through the lens of its flawed yet fascinating and captivating characters. With an outstanding lead cast, ensemble, breathtaking costumes and props, and an impressive set, this production is an evening of entertainment you won’t want to miss. Tickets can be pre-ordered online at oaktechdrama.my.canva.site/ or bought at the door. OUSD students with ID enjoy a special discounted price of just $5.