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Gaza Under Siege: Humanitarian Crisis Escalates as Death Toll Soars

The death toll of Palestinians in Gaza has reached 31,000.  It has been 161 days since the war started. Israel continues to bomb highly populated areas with civilians and according to Aljeezera, they have been opening fire on Palestinian civilians awaiting aid “Israeli forces opened fire on Palestinians awaiting aid at the Kuwait Roundabout in an attack that the Gaza Health Ministry says has killed at least 21 and injured more than 150.” 

As the people of Gaza starve from the lack of aid allowed in from Egypt’s border crossing at Rafah, Israel is bombing the last remaining UN food aid centers and killing over 100 people in the process. Now NBC News is reporting that Gazans are suffering from malnutrition and have had 10 children die from starvation (NBC News). The food being Air dropped into Gaza is not enough because Israel’s decision to deny food to enter through the Rafah border leads to half a million people on the brink of starvation.

On the other hand, The medical crisis only worsens with the lack of hospitals and accommodations that are available to the Gazans. Pregnant women are giving birth in cars and on the streets. Even if they make it to the hospital in time, they often times have to undergo C-sections without any anesthetics (AJplus). To make matters worse, Israel has created a long list of banned medical tools like anesthetics, solar lights, oxygen cylinders and ventilators, water cleaning tablets, cancer medicines, and maternity kits and just as of last week  Israel has turned an entire aid truck around because it contained medical scissors. 

The situation in Gaza is dire and continues to worsen with each passing day. The skyrocketing death toll, particularly among children, highlights the immense human cost of the ongoing conflict. The deliberate targeting of highly populated areas and aid recipients worsens the conditions of civilians already suffering from famine and a severe medical crisis. Urgent international action is major to address the humanitarian catastrophe unfolding in Gaza and to ensure the delivery of essential aid and medical supplies to those in desperate need.

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