Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Professional Women’s Soccer Expands to the Bay Area

Let’s extend a warm welcome to Bay FC as they join the Bay Area sports scene, marking the region’s first women’s professional soccer team and an expansion team of the National Women’s Soccer League (NWSL). While we’ve had local women’s soccer teams like Oakland Soul, Bay FC represents the Bay Area’s entry into the highest tier of professional women’s soccer.

The NWSL, established in 2012, is finally receiving the recognition it deserves. The league continues to grow, attracting more attention to women’s soccer and adding expansion teams. What exactly is an expansion team? Simply put, it’s a newly created team added to a league. Recent expansion teams in the NWSL include the San Diego Wave and Angel City FC, and now the Bay Area has its own.

On January 12, the NWSL draft took place, with Bay FC securing the #2 pick, Savy King. King, known for her strength and creativity, is one of the best center-backs on the U-20 National team and a freshman at UNC. Bay FC also selected Maya Doms from Stanford, Jamie Shepard from BYU, and Caroline Conti from Clemson. These players will form a solid foundation for the future success of Bay FC.

Building chemistry takes time for all expansion teams. Attending games and showing support will boost their confidence and pave the way for their success as a team. By backing this local team, we demonstrate our support for women’s soccer and acknowledge the hard work put into establishing it.

So, how can we support Bay FC? By showing up to cheer them on at their games or tuning in to watch them on TV, we actively contribute to their journey towards success in the NWSL. Let’s stand united behind Bay FC, showcasing our support and dedication to women’s soccer in the Bay Area.