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What is Latino Heritage Month and its importance?

Have you heard of Latino Heritage Month before? Or why, and for whom it’s celebrated for? It’s pretty straightforward. It would be for the whole Latino community to celebrate our culture and what we have contributed to the United States.  Latino Heritage Month starts on the 15th of September because the independence of various countries starts at around the same time. These countries include Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Chile, and Honduras. 

The Mayas were the first in Latino America before the Olmecas, Toltecas, Aztecas, and other considered civilizations. They then began our heritage that has contributed to modern society, along with ancient traditions that are still practiced today, such as using Curanderas, and events like Dia de los Muertos, Quinceañeras, and much more. Cultural food traditions include using Maize (corn), Xocoatl (chocolate), tomatoes, rubber, obsidian, jade, tortillas, el Molcajete to make salsas/chiles. Traditional medicinal methods such as using Huevo y yerbas to heal, also originated from there. 

Latinos have been present in the United States for centuries and have contributed to numerous pieces of media. We aren’t something new that recently became trending or discovered. There have been plenty of noticeable contributions in many fields such as:

  • Color TV by Guillermo Gonzales Camarena
  • Electric Brake by Victor Ochoa
  • Ballpoint Pen by László József Biró     
  • Artificial Heart by Domingo Liottaa   
  • Birth Control Pills by Luis Miramontes

These extraordinary people all were born in Latino America, there have also been wonderful U.S.-born Latinos who have contributed to society, some are:         

  • Cesar Chavez founder of United Farm Workers (UFW) and civil rights activist
  • Sonia Sotomayor first Latina on the Supreme Court
  • Gloria Molina L.A politician first Latina in city council and a trailblazer
  • Albert Baez created the X-ray Microscope 
  • Richard Montañez created the Flamin Hot Cheetos

I feel happy and thankful that there is a month for us Latinos, to feel represented, and proud of who we are now and our ancestors. Thanks to this month’s existence some kids like me, will never forget our true Origenes.