Tuesday, May 21, 2024
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Multiple storms flood the Bay Area 

The recent storms that struck San Francisco and other Bay Area cities caused dangerous driving conditions, extreme winds, power outages, and flooding. This strong atmospheric river brought over 5 inches of rain to downtown San Francisco, making it the city’s second rainiest day since December 31, 1849. According to the National Weather Service, the series of level 5 storms will continue to cause heavy rains until mid-January. The storms pose a landslide threat to many areas and have been causing a lot of damage, such as cars being submerged in floods and tumbling trees. Due to strong waves and gusty winds, those residing near the ocean and beaches have evacuated, claiming it’s better to be safe than sorry. Many are also cleaning up after the flood by removing toppled trees and other debris around roads and neighboring areas. Community centers and libraries in Oakland and Antioch will continue to offer temporary shelter and power services to those in need during this time. The wet weather is expected to persist, so take extra precautions when driving and avoid flooded or slippery roads. Try to stay indoors and be safe!


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