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Hold on to your Doc Martens, Boygenius is Back in Town

Last week, when Coachella released its 2023 Lineup, there was a band listed that has not performed live in over four years. Boygenius, an indie rock supergroup composed of Julien Baker, Phoebe Bridgers, and Lucy Dacus, released its self-titled EP in 2018. The combination of all three women’s voices brought fans of each artist together. Since the band went on a hiatus, each musician has continued to put out new music. Baker released her 2021 album “Little Oblivions” followed by a nationwide tour with artists Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen. Bridgers released her Grammy-nominated album “Punisher” in 2020 and promoted it on a worldwide tour which sold out nearly every show. Dacus, who appears on several “Punisher” tracks like “Graceland Too” and “I Know the End,” released her third studio album and went on a two leg tour across the world. Every time these three women come together, their fans seem to get riled up and hungry for a Boygenius reunion. Lucky for them, that is just what they are going to get. 

On the morning of January 18th, Boygenius surprised fans by releasing three songs that will be featured on their debut album, “the record,” which will come out March 31st.  Similar to the rest of their discography, the tracks embody a melancholy aura that leaves listeners heart wrenched. The second track, “Emily I’m Sorry,” peaked fans’ interests, as many believe it is about Bridger’s past relationship with Emily Barron. Emily Barron used to date music producer Chris Nelson who sued Bridger’s for $3.8 million on charges of defamation after the Motion Sickness singer accused Nelson of abusive behavior. However, all charges were dismissed last year. 

Following their new music’s debut, Rolling Stone Magazine released its January cover, staring Boygenius. The trio band recreated Nirvana’s iconic 1994 Rolling Stone cover, wearing matching suits with red ties. The magazine included other photoshoots that alluded to the ‘90s grunge band. In their interview, Bridgers says “Lifting each other up [is] how we create.” They see each other as equals, regardless of their individual success. Each member brings their own unique style to the band. The article refers to Baker as the “heart of the band,” as her hypnotizing riffs and powerful vocals illuminates the stage. Bridger is the band’s “soul” for her angelic melodies and heartfelt lyrics. And Dacus, referred to as the “brain” of the band, executes rich and powerful vocals that will touch the hearts of each and every listener. 

According to the article, Baker and Dacus met in D.C. while playing a show together. They instantly bonded over growing up in the south which was “deeply rooted in religion.” About a month later the three indie artists found out they would be going on tour together across the country. In order to promote the tour, they decided to make a single together, but the one track was followed with five more. Bridgers exclaims that this songwriting process “was not like falling in love. It was falling in love.”

As Boygenius releases more content, from merchandise to photoshoots, fans remain on the edge of their seats anticipating the album’s release date. Fans are expecting the indie supergroup to announce a tour following their album’s release and the demand for tickets will be through the roof.


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