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Poetry Corner: September 2022


An idea that reaches to the edges of the earth, an idea that slips from your mind and onto your tongue, an idea that many hope to achieve, but seldom do 

Some describe it as the feeling of happiness, sun on your face, lying in the grass, not a care in the world

Others describe it as an out of body experience, your mind and soul evading the problems of this condemned world 

In other words, a space between the grasp of reality and imagination


A drop of dew sits atop a hill

A hill that overlooks the city

A hill that sways with the feelings of the earth

A hill without a worry in the world

Does that drop of dew ever want to be something more? Something meaningful? 


The good moments in life are often lost, often blurred, often tainted with new views of the world, but they are there

They will always be there, sometimes they will seemingly slip from your mind into space, until they reappear as a shooting star that you point out on the camping trip that your family takes every year

Good memories feel like cider as it warms you from the inside out, good memories feel like a kiss under the moonlight in the rain, good memories are rare, so cherish the ones you have and strive to make more


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