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How to Flunk Your Tests In Style

Everybody knows exams can be stressful. Dedicating hours of studying and staying up late nights is time consuming and exhausting. Instead of worrying about getting an A on your next test, you should try to make the most out of it! Finding fun and exciting ways to fail your exams will help ease your stress and increase your enthusiasm. If you know you will flunk your upcoming exam, you might as well have fun while doing it! Luckily, you are reading this article and will come across new and innovative ways to make your failures amusing. 

If you happen to excel in school, try to purposefully bomb your test to see your teacher’s reaction. How could a perfectly good student with a record of exceptional grades complete a test with the quality of a two-year-old? This is sure to fool your teacher. For example, English happens to be my strongest subject. I spend hours analyzing writings, annotating, and crafting essays. This amount of dedication can be overwhelming, and my parents are especially worried about seeing me staying up until 2 am, while taking little naps in between to ease my lunatic study habits. To save my parents and myself some stress, I found ways to incorporate my creative side into failing my exams, and it is very relaxing. You can do this through various forms of artistic expression, such as music, literature, drawings, etc. Personally, my go-to option is to incorporate my favorite songs or movies into my book reports. For example, while writing my essay on The Red Badge of Courage, I often hid phrases or keywords that related to Taylor Swift songs. This seemed to fit perfectly with the setting of the novel since there were trees sometimes, an obvious nod to Evermore and Folklore. Another way of pushing your teacher to a breaking point is to argue absurd topics in your essays or exams. For example, while writing your essay for Ms. Haugen’s history exams, write a romance about two opposing people. Last semester, I had to compare the Federalist and Democratic-Republican parties, but I was bored by this topic and decided to spice it up a bit. Instead, I wrote an enemies to lovers fanfiction about Thomas Jefferson and Alexander Hamilton’s forbidden love. While I thought it was a pretty adequate form of literature, Ms. Haugen seemed to disagree. I got an F on the paper, but, hey! It was fun to write, and I ended up publishing it online under the pseudonym historygirl1765. 

However, bubble-in scantrons are the best way to showcase your artistic creativity because you can make drawings for your teachers! This may be tricky, however, because you can only fill in one bubble per line. Is there a chance you may flunk your exam? Yeah, but you will get a new piece of art that could possibly be featured in the MoMA! I see it as a low risk high reward situation.

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