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Poetry Corner: January 2022


Why I’m so hesitant 

Why I run 

Is the way he looks at me 

Is the way Icarus looked at the sun 

With complete wonder and yet admiration 

I love you and there are no limitations 

But like Icarus I’m afraid

You’ll burn 

I love you too much to see us turn 

Into a disaster

So I’ll keep you at a distance 

I love you but I have to resist

Burning Love 

Burning love 

Hot to the touch 

The fire only you can bring

That makes my face flushed 

My face heats with the sound of your name 

Your voice and laughter drives me insane 

I almost wish the world could see 

How you light the fire inside me 

So may I never forget this burning love 

That set my heart aflame 

The love I have for you 

A love that could never be tamed