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Poetry Corner: December 2021


The tears in my eyes

Slowly show my demise 

As my sky falls and my world is crumbling 

Don’t look me at me as my body is trembling 

My eyes red and puffy as tears ran

The tears from my eyes say more than words can

Everyday my head hurts as I drown from my tears 

I push them down as a way to run from my fears 

The tears in my eyes are the way that I cope

It’s my body’s way of holding on by a very thin rope


My eyes tell lies that my heart believes 

My ears muffle them as my lungs try to breathe 

My smile appears as my mind decays 

My feet get tired more day after day 

My pockets become heavy as if filled with bricks 

My mind thinks these things can all be fixed 

With me working harder if I just try 

Maybe my eyes will tell the truth 

Maybe my heart will not believe them 

Maybe my ears will finally listen as I began to not breathe 

With all this change 

Will I still be able to recognize me


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