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Student Talent Spotlight: Earring Crafter


The recent trends in jewelry can sometimes be overwhelming. There’s a huge variety of designs, prices, and sellers. But with enough resourcefulness and creativity, you can create jewelry that fits your unique style. Viva, a tenth grader at Oakland Tech, makes her own earrings with materials and tools that can be found at home. An endless supply of inspiration and materials found lying around her house means that she always has many options when it comes to deciding what earrings to wear. 

Viva starts by gripping extension metal within the teeth of her pliers, using the earring hooks and extension metal to puncture the articles that she is using to craft the earrings. If the material is plastic or metallic, she uses a candle to heat it since just force alone won’t get it through the material. After completing this step, she then looks for household items that won’t put too much weight on her ears. Finally, she attaches the items of her choosing to the earring hooks she made and voilà, a lovely pair of earrings have been created! According to Viva, it can take anywhere from five to thirty minutes to make the earrings. Different factors, such as material type and the use of heat, can affect the production time.  

Viva is inspired by ideas from various festivals, farmers markets, and art museums. She also draws inspiration from her art classes. In addition to creating such art, her talent helps out the planet since it’s eco-friendly and sustainable. The earrings are easy to make and they also improve your skills, confidence, and creativity. 


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