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Poem: Pandémie

It hit like a thunderstorm

When we thought things couldn’t get any worse

It flooded our hospitals

Rampaging into our schools

Leaving students dispersed

Staring into a vacant screen

It spread to every corner of the world

Like the untamed sea

Uncovering secrets and spilling rumors

It crawled in on all fours

Keeping us inside

Counting days on our kitchen wall

Wondering what lies behind it

It came in like a bullet

Fracturing thin glass

Analogue clocks

Stopping time all together

It lingers

Like a ghost town forever infused with the scent of wisteria

Those faint memories

Hovering like a mirage

On a road with no destination

Maybe it’s endless 

Like that four leaf clover I have yet to find

Lost in a field of cacti

Maybe it will reappear

Like those irises

Sprouting from the back of that rusted truck

Year after year

Or maybe it will be gone forever

Like that owl I saw last summer

Now stuffed in a local museum

Glossy eyes staring deep into your soul


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