Sunday, September 26, 2021


TV Series Review: The Midnight Gospel

The Midnight Gospel, one of the most mind-bending adult cartoons created, is essentially an eight episode trip. The Netflix original was released on April...

Podcast Recommendation: Maintenance Phase

Maintenance Phase, hosted by Aubrey Gordon and Michael Hobbes, is a podcast that critically examines the diet and wellness industry. Gordon, who wrote anonymously...

Film Review: Ammonite is Underwhelming

Queer films, and lesbian films, in particular, have long been fascinated with the past. Women’s contributions throughout history have often been overlooked and understudied;...

Hulu’s PEN15 Captures The Horror of Middle School

One of the funniest series to emerge from the streaming world in recent years is Pen15, created by and starring Maya Erskine and Anna...

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Op-Ed: Middle Schools Should Continue to Offer Algebra 1

Recently, I read an article in The Chronicle about a proposed new math curriculum that would longer offer the...

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