Sunday, September 26, 2021


Club Spotlight: Vietnamese Student Association

Oakland Tech’s Vietnamese Student Association (VSA) is a club that provides a safe space for the Vietnamese/Vietnamese-American community at Tech. They aim to empower...

Oakland Tech Debate Club Participates in First Tournament of the Year

On October 18, Oakland Tech’s Debate Club participated in their first tournament of the 2020-21 school year, The Ne'Jahra Soriano BAUDL Season Opener. Despite...

Club Spotlight: First Generation Club

The newly established First Generation Club, dubbed First-Gen Club, provides a safe space for all students born in the US to immigrant parents to...

Club Spotlight: Asian Student Union

The Asian Student Union (ASU) at Oakland Tech is a student-run club that aims to build a community and educate all students about Asian...

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Op-Ed: Middle Schools Should Continue to Offer Algebra 1

Recently, I read an article in The Chronicle about a proposed new math curriculum that would longer offer the...

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