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Are Internships Worth It? Yes, and Here’s Why.

Internships are invaluable opportunities for students who want to enhance their college applications, explore their interests, and gain real-world experience in fields that pertain to their interests. These experiences offer a multitude of benefits, from practical skill development to networking opportunities which can all prepare students for future career success.

Internships are a pivotal component of college applications, as admissions officers recognize the value of hands-on experience in shaping students’ academic and professional paths. Internships demonstrate initiative, ambition, and a commitment to personal and intellectual growth, which are qualities that resonate with college admissions committees. In addition, internships provide students with concrete examples of their interests and achievements.

Internships are a gateway for students to explore their interests and gain insight into various industries or career paths. By being in a professional environment, students can see what their true interests and values are in a real-world context. This allows high schoolers to make informed decisions about their academic and career goals. By shadowing a professional, or even conducting research while interning, students like you have the opportunity to discover what your passions are and enhance certain skills to be ready for college. 

Accessing internships can be confusing, but there are various ways for students to explore. Many colleges and universities offer internship programs, career fairs, and networking events to connect students with employers and organizations seeking interns. Additionally, online platforms such as LinkedIn can provide students with access to a wide range of internship listings, allowing them to search for opportunities based on their interests, location preferences, and skill sets. Building relationships with professors, mentors, and professionals in their desired field can also open doors to internship opportunities through personal connections and referrals.

At Oakland Tech, we have resources like your academy teachers and Mr. Holliday who can connect you with possible opportunities. In my experience, internships have been a key factor in understanding what I want in my future and what I might be averse to. Even internships you would never think could appeal to you offer value in the experience they give and the insight into aspects you did and did not enjoy. Internships offer students a unique opportunity to enhance their college applications, explore their interests, and gain valuable experience in their chosen fields. By seizing these opportunities and actively engaging in the learning process, students can unlock their full potential and position themselves for future success in their academic and professional endeavors.