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Why Genetic Testing Important

Genetic testing is a medical examination of an individual’s DNA to spot changes or variations in their genes and holds significant importance. It offers insights into disease risks, aids in diagnosing genetic disorders, and identifies mutations inherited from parents. Genetic testing is important because it can show individuals and healthcare professionals valuable information that can be used for proactive health management, early intervention, and personalised care. When doing a genetic test you, can find out if you have or carry a genetic disease.  

There are approximately 100,000 Americans that suffer from sickle cell disease, an illness that has no cure but can be managed with treatment options such as medications and chemotherapy, and in occasions a genetic match for bone marrow. Sickle cell disease is a genetic disorder caused by misshapen red blood cells which take the form of sicles instead of normal red blood cells, which are round. The symptoms are pain and anemia, and are diagnosed during the newborn stages by screenings. Sickle cell disproportionately affects Black people but genetic testing is overwhelmingly focused on Caucasian patients. As a result, racial disparities can happen within communities of people of color as they receive less access to crucial medical care. Since they might not have the same resources that a caucasian community might offer in regards to healthcare or even basic living necessities, death rates are almost always higher.

People’s lack of trust in the medical field because of past incidents. Historical incidents, like the Tuskegee study, have left lasting distrust in the medical field among certain populations. This mistrust acts as a barrier to accessing genetic testing and other healthcare services, hindering individuals from protecting themselves against genetic disorders and cancers. Lack of genetic testers in your area. There is such a small group of genetic testers even though everyone planning to have a child should see you, the lack of genetic testers stems from not having enough genetic counselling classes.