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Ariana Grande’s Cheating Scandals 

In early 2020, Ariana Grande, a famous American pop singer and actress, began dating Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent. They were married in May 2021. Everyone thought she finally found the one. Surprisingly, according to TMZ, their marriage ended in July 2023. However, nobody was convinced until they saw a photo of Ariana at Wimbledon without her wedding ring. Ariana and Dalton filed for divorce on September 18, 2023, making it official. Then, it took a strange turn. Rumors have it that Ariana Grande has been dating her Wicked co-star. Ethan Slater is a 31-year-old actor and singer known in Spongebob Squarepants: The Broadway Musical. Ethan was married to his high school sweetheart, Lily Jay, but soon separated two months before his relationship with Ariana Grande. Keeping their relationship quiet, as soon as out of the blue, they reportedly live together in New York City. Why would Ethan risk everything to date again?

It’s more of a gloomy tale for Ariana Grande and Dalton Gomez now than a romance. Ariana might have additional stories about her former relationships. How many scandals involving cheating did she commit? Let’s revisit her earlier years. 

In 2013, Ariana had her first public relationship with Jai Brooks from The Janoskians on YouTube. On August 6, 2013, their 10-month anniversary, they formally split up a week later. Before her performance, Ariana claims that Jai had dumped her by text. But now things get intriguing. Fans have begun to notice that Ariana has been hanging out with Nathan Sykes, with whom she is co-writing the song “Almost is Never Enough.” Even though she was dating Jai, they spent a lot of time together. A month later, after Ariana’s breakup and kept denying the rumors, she and Nathan were together. On October 7, 2013, Jai accused her of cheating on him. He wrote on Twitter, “Yes I was cheated. Yes it does suck… I happen to be one of those people and I am constantly reminded of it every day.”

We all love the couple Ariana Grande and Mac Miller, but we missed some important facts about their relationship. Mac dated Nomi Leisure, his high school sweetheart, for years until 2016. In the past, Ariana and Mac kissed in a “The Way” music video, only “acting.” But they have been texting each other, which seems like flirting, while he was dating. Also, Ariana was dating Jay at that time. Does Ariana enjoy dating collaborators or wonder what personal space is? 

Up next, Big Sean. In 2014, Ariana and Big Sean, a rapper, had become really close. Weeks before, he was engaged to someone else. She was Naya Rivera, an actress you know from Glee. Once engaged for almost six months, he soon called off their wedding in April 2014 after immediately dating Ariana Grande. In 2016, Naya wrote something particular in her book, “Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up.” A chapter explains how Naya went downstairs to see a girl cross-legged listening to music. With Big Sean, it was like a stated question, wanting us to guess. “It rhymes with Smariana Schmade,” which could be noticeable. Naya clarified that she never accused them of cheating or saying those words. But it was obvious the name rhymes with Ariana Grande. 

Finally, Pete Davidson. Before Ariana and Pete got engaged that didn’t work out in 2018. Pete was in a long-term relationship with Cassie David. As they soon broke up, Cassie said she wanted to break up with Pete but later revealed that he had broken up with her. Then, Pete moves with Ariana in a matter of hours. It’s heartbreaking to go through all of these emotions knowing that the person you used to love most goes with someone in an instant. Ariana should have thought this through. 

Ariana Grande can be empowering and lovable to her music and others. But when it comes to men, it gets messy. Even so, she has been destroying the harmony between a person who’s married or in a long-term relationship. She’s causing more problems, and it isn’t healthy. Would Ariana and Ethan work, or would she go on with another man? Would her cheating scandals continue to grow? Let’s wait and find out.