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6 Picture-Perfect Activities to do with Friends in the SF Bay Area 

We all love hanging out with friends. But do you ever get bored of constant 10-hour movie marathons at your best friend’s house, lying around consuming soda and chips all day? Whether you just want to try something new, plan a unique hangout, or explore the great outside world, here are my top 6 photographic activities for you to do with friends in the SF Bay area that are picture-perfect for you to prove to all your followers that you actually have a life.

  1. Have a picnic at the Mountain View Cemetery

Let’s start the list with a local destination that’s a short walk away from Oakland Tech. The Mountain View Cemetery is a beautiful historic cemetery filled with lush, green gardens, and panoramic views of the bay. Only a 4-minute drive and 17-minute walk away from Oakland Tech, this serves as the perfect location for an afterschool picnic with friends. Take a tranquil stroll through the grounds and take a moment to relax your mind in a field of tulips and monuments. Lay out a blanket and lay out an assortment of packed snacks and desserts on the blanket and snap a breathtaking photo of the view. 

  1. Go thrifting on Piedmont Ave

Something that I look forward to at the end of every Friday is thrifting on Piedmont Ave with my best friends and treating myself to some delicious snacks. A short 10 minutes away from Oakland Tech, Piedmont Avenue is a neighborhood in Oakland known for its global cuisine dining and quirky retail stores. From Dr. Comics & Mr. Games’ comic book store to Twisted Thistle Apothecary spice shop, you can find vintage clothing, records, flowers, and Asian snacks throughout the many unique shops on the street. Snap some candid photos while thrifting and post your finds. 

  1. Test your skills in an escape room at The Escape Game

Although slightly pricey and a further distance, The Escape Game San Francisco offers a handful of escape room experiences. With a handful of unique variety of themes to choose from, an escape room is the absolute best team-building experience to enhance friendships and have fun. While engaging in the immersive experience, snap some memories of your friends attempting to solve the riddles and clues.

  1. Explore the Umbrella Alley

An artistic alley filled with color and creativity, the Umbrella Alley is one of San Francisco’s most Instagrammable spots. The vibrant alleyway is filled with interactive murals and street art created by local artists. Overhead is a colorful display of umbrellas and balloons suspended in the air to create a dream-like atmosphere. Snap some pictures in this corner of Fisherman’s Wharf and then treat yourself to some ice cream from Ghiradelli Square, only a short walk away. 

  1. Admire art at the Legion of Honor Museum

The Legion of Honor Museum, located in San Francisco, is a beautiful art museum displaying ancient and contemporary paintings, sculptures, and decorative arts. Snap some pics in front of the stunning Parisian-style courtyard or displays of the changing exhibits inside. The museum houses one of the largest collections of prints and drawings in the country and offers free admission on Saturdays, perfect for a special weekend hangout.

  1. Go on a drive or hike along the SF coastlines

While the San Francisco bay area is filled with tons of places to visit with friends, exploring the miles of natural coastlines and trails of San Francisco is an absolute must. Explore Presidio Park filled with scenic trails and a spectacular overlook of the Golden Gate Bridge. Snap some photos in front of the iconic Palace of Fine Arts and soak up the sunshine at the Crissy Field Beach. If you or your friends are able to drive, ride through the coastline with friends blasting music and enjoying the scenic view.


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